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Micro adventure with dog
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Enjoying nature together with your dog, experiencing adventures and getting to know new things - that sounds like the perfect time out, doesn't it? For many people, this means: this is only possible on holiday. But you don't always have to book a big trip directly to relax and recharge your batteries. Julia and Nola will tell you about a great alternative to the big holiday: the micro-adventure.

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Mistress loves that: Autumn, Licorice, The Sea and Wes Anderson movies.

What the pelt-nose loves: carrots, afternoon naps in the sun and flitting across meadows.

That's why they love Green Petfood: I like how transparent Green Petfood is. Sustainability is very important here - and Nola simply loves the taste of it. 

When small journeys become big ones

Micro- what? The term "micro-adventures" stands for a short break from everyday life without having to travel far away. There are many different ways of approaching these little adventures: no matter whether it's walking, picnicking or swimming - there are no limits to creativity. And, of course, you can do this without any problems with a dog!

The good can be so close ...

At the moment, of course, larger trips are not so easy to implement - and many people feel that the ceiling is falling on their heads at home. I can only understand that; at some point I too have been looking for ways to relax and somehow get out of it to clear my head. Therefore my tip: for smaller adventures just have a look around in your neighbourhood - maybe there is a beautiful forest, a still undiscovered park or a dog beach that you can explore together with your dog on the weekend. You don't always have to book a big holiday far away to relax. After all, you can often reach nearby destinations by train - which is also much better for the ecological footprint!

... and still be very restful


Just relax and discover something new for a few hours. Shorter trips in particular can give you an incredible amount of energy - and you can simply get to know the environment in which you live and perhaps even see it in a completely new light. Such small adventures, whether day trips or weekend trips, can be perfectly integrated into everyday life, as they require much less effort and planning than large holidays. I have made the experience that the holiday feeling nevertheless comes up very quickly: because I think that you don't have to travel a certain number of kilometres for recreation and relaxation. If you go for it, it doesn't matter whether you are 5km or 50km away from home: holidays cannot be measured by the number of kilometres.

On the Internet you can find many tips from other dog owners* for dog-friendly excursions in the surrounding area. For example, I came across the dog beach in Oppenheim - and I'm so happy that I was able to discover this great place together with Nola. Nola comes from an animal welfare background and has only been with me for two months - and is still a bit uncertain in many places. Such small excursions are also the perfect training for her!


No matter how near or far the destination is, it is always very important to respect nature, not to harm it and not to leave rubbish lying around. Or even better: make a small challenge out of it and leave nature cleaner than you found it: a glove and a small rubbish bag fit in every pocket and make a trip directly even more sustainable. Simply, when you have one hand free, pick up any rubbish lying around and thus do something good for nature. You can kill two birds with one stone: you clean up nature and maybe inspire others and make them think.

As always, it's important to be considerate: is it compulsory to keep your dog on a lead, is it a nature reserve or do other dogs not want to play there even if my dog is in the mood to play?


Even though a micro-adventure can of course be much more spontaneous, you should not set off completely unprepared. But don't worry: you don't need much to make it feel like a holiday. One thing should definitely not be missing: water. No matter how warm it is, you should always have something to drink for yourself and your dog. Simply fill a reusable water bottle with tap water at home - this way you can avoid disposable plastic bottles when you're on the move.

There are practical fold-out food and water bowls made of silicone that fit easily into the excursion luggage. Because if you are on the road for a longer time, you should also think about food for your dog. I always weigh the right amount for the day beforehand and fill it into a reusable tin. This way Nola can eat on the go. At the moment she is getting FarmDog Mini grainfree food from Green Petfood - as she is still growing, this is the ideal food for her, and it tastes damn good. I am glad that I can integrate sustainability into my everyday life in this area as well. You can also prepare treats and snacks at home - how about a carrot or a chopped apple? You can easily carry them in a lunch box and avoid disposable plastic.

Of course, a harness or collar and leash should not be missing. Whatever you need to take with you: dog excrement bag. Because to keep the excursion destinations as beautiful as possible, the dog's legacies should always be removed. Depending on the destination I like to pack a picnic blanket and also some snacks for myself. Sometimes I also have a book with me or, if I'm going to the dog beach, a litter toy for Nola.



Micro-adventures do not mean that you experience something unique and unmistakable every time; it is rather about slowing down a bit and enjoying the little things: appreciating the trip to the countryside, being more aware of nature. Nola is happy every time we plunge into a micro-adventure - because this is the way she can get to know other dogs, smell lots of new smells and gradually shed her shyness.

I've become a big fan of these little adventures and I'm looking forward to exploring new places in the area with Nola again soon.


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