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Cool tips for summer with dogs and cats
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Yay, the hot season is here! For us, this means two-legged friends: swimming lake, sunbathing and ice licking. Sounds good, doesn't it? But did you know that summer can be very exhausting or even dangerous for our four-legged friends? While we humans can sweat to balance the hot temperatures for our bodies, our dogs and cats often only have the few sweat glands on their paws. They then try to process the temperatures and cool the body over the wet noses and well-circulated ears and when panting. Very tedious!

Of course, you can help Mauz and Wauz stay cool when summer comes. Do you know, how? We have collected a few tips and tricks for your summer with dogs and cats!

In order to make summer a really cool dog summer, you can start with your aisle walks. If you put your daily rounds in the early morning and late evening, you avoid the blazing midday heat. Asphalt heats up super quickly, so you should plan, if possible, more walkways through the forest or at least over earth and grass. It is important: Always be careful where the four-legged friend has to run and like to do the test with the back of your hand on the floor.

If your fur nose has to pant a lot, it naturally loses more fluid. That is why it is all the more important at temperatures above 20 degrees that you provide your darling with enough water to drink. The bowl should always be filled with fresh, cool - never too cold - water. To avoid stomach ache, the water should always be warmer than cold in the fridge.

You can also dribble some water on your four-legged friend's paws or tummy and legs: they'll lick it up and take in liquid. In addition, evaporative cooling is produced by the water on the fur, which cools the Wauz.


You want to lick an ice cream together with your fur nose? We have a simple recipe for dog ice cream for you: For this you puree some vegetables such as steamed carrots or boiled potatoes and layer them together with a few croquettes of green pet food in a chew toy for dogs. Then go to the freezer for a few hours - and then the cool licking fun can begin!

If there is not enough time for homemade dog ice cream, you can also cut a cucumber and feed it to your four-legged friend. Since it contains a lot of liquid, most dogs like to take it as a refreshing snack.

Important: Only use vegetables that your four-legged friend can tolerate and make sure that not all dogs tolerate cold ice well. If you have a sensitive stomach, please do not feed and always try it in smaller quantities.

Speaking of coolness: Find your fur nose in the apartment in a particularly cool place where it can rest. That could be, for example, the basement, the tiled bathroom or another particularly pleasantly cool room. Here you can put the basket down and invite your dog to relax a little.

In addition, you can lay out wet towels that spread a pleasant cold by the evaporation of the absorbed water. Some fur noses lie directly on the welcome cooling. Commercial cooling mats serve the same purpose.


Very important and certainly a term for every dog lover: Never leave your four-legged friend alone in the car! Even at outside temperatures of 20 degrees, the inside of the car heats up super quickly and can be life-threatening for the dog.

To provide some cooling and activity, you can build a small dog pool in your garden or balcony. This can be a very simple children's paddling pool or a wooden tub or a waterproof laundry basket. There your fur nose can splash around or fish a few croquettes of dry food for a treat. This ensures search fun and refreshment! By the way: Our Green Petfood dry food croquettes have already made the seahorse and have been praised by many dog owners as ‘particularly good swimmers’.


Your velvet paw also loses liquid in summer - even though they cannot sweat at all. That is why it is now particularly important to always provide the house tigers and bullies with a bowl filled with fresh water. The same applies here: never ice cold water to avoid abdominal pain.

Some kitties are very fussy about their drinking behavior. Here you can try diluted water or broth. Simply mix some FairCat wet food into the drinking water! Specially lazy specimens can improve their water balance with our FairCat Care with an extra portion of broth.

Since the fluffy pops have to be reminded of drinking more often due to the lack of thirst, you should definitely place several containers in your apartment. So the kitty can hardly get around the water intake! In order to guarantee your mumbling fur nose a pleasant summer, you can also drop a little water on her paws, legs or tummy. The evaporating water cools down and when the kitty starts cleaning, this effect is even more pronounced.

Velvet paws love to hunt. And ice cubes, which are slowly melting, are sooo great over kitchen, bathroom or balcony tiles. The hunter in the room tiger is awakened! If you want to give your fur nose a fast-paced game that also cools it down, this is just the thing for you: Put your kitty simple ice cubes on the floor and let them poke, lick and hunt them.

Beware of sensitive bellies: some cats may not tolerate the ice water. First, give small amounts here and use other cool cooling tricks if necessary.


Velvet paws like to roam around: whether on the windowsill, the couch, the dining room table, the worktop ... In summer, you can comfortably prepare and make tasty the shady spots in your apartment for your kitty. For example, place the bed in a cool basement room or on the tiles in the bathroom. Many a cat likes to set up home in the bathtub, so don't forget to leave the doors to these rooms open.

In addition, wet towels can cool you down. The evaporating water will create a pleasantly cool atmosphere for the fur nose - in which it is even better! Cooling mats or frozen cool packs that you wrap in kitchen towels and put on the bed of the Miez can also be used for cool relaxation.

Especially in summer, you can offer your cat a wellness treatment and thus remedy the heat: by doing good grooming with her! After all, less fur means less heat. With regular brushing, you can also easily find out from your free-lance what she found beautiful in the colorful flower meadow and dragged home with her!

What else can you do to help your velvet paw master the summer happily? Avoid stress! Perhaps you should not postpone visits to the doctor on cooler days. At almost 30 degrees, you can sometimes do without playing wild. In addition, you should make sure that your cat is not lying in the draft - because there, our sensitive four-legged friends can quickly get conjunctivitis.

As you can see, there are a few important things to consider. And a few really good tricks on how to master the hot season with your pets.

For dogs

Transfer your gas laps to the cooler sections of the day

Make sure your fur nose is drinking enough

Give him a shady spot to doze

Try to cool down with a dog pool, homemade ice cream or vegetables containing water

For cats

Drinking is the be-all and end-all for forgetful velvet paws, feeding tends to be more wet than dry food

Grant your fur ball access to cool places such as the bathtub or the basement (be careful, open the doors!)

Let your cats chase ice cubes through the apartment and lick them

Avoid stress

Support your velvet paw with their grooming

And whatever your summer of pets looks like - we wish you and your four-legged friends a lot of fun and a great deal of coolness!


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