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Experience meets innovation
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Experience meets innovation

The basic idea of Green Petfood is to combine sustainability with animal health. To do this, we continuously turn new ideas into reality. Thanks to the close collaboration with experienced nutritionists, trustworthy suppliers and our active involvement in climate issues, we can develop high-quality products with exceptional recipes for you and your four-legged friends.

At Green Petfood, nutritionists and animal experts are working on new products and product concepts. For this reason, we are able to combine scientific knowledge with innovation and sustainability and thus develop high-quality products with exceptional recipes.

In addition to our own scientific studies, we also use the latest results from international research. Furthermore, our development is based on the scientific knowledge of the FEDIAF.


FEDIAF is the trade organization of the European pet food industry.

It deals with:

Additives and unwanted substances

1.Food security and hygiene

2.Product communication

3.Nutritional and analytical science

4.Feed and trade

5.Environment and sustainability

6.Special nutritional purposes

More information about FEDIAF:


When developing high-quality and innovative recipes, the choice of raw materials is crucial. Only high-quality ingredients are used in our dog and cat food, which we prefer to obtain from regional suppliers. We work closely with long-term partners to deliver constant quality and to promote regionality.

Of course, we do without wheat and soy and do not use any artificial colors, flavors and preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. We do not carry out animal experiments for the development of our feed.

We carry out so-called acceptance tests. For this we work together with a test panel built up over the years, consisting of customers, specialist audience, but also employees. The dogs and cats are offered two different varieties over a certain period of time. The owner and mistress then document what is eaten first, how much or what is not touched at all. We only go into production when all the parameters of our gourmets fit.


In order to ensure our high standards, we have our own accredited laboratory. Before the raw goods are put through their paces, nothing is processed into dog and cat food. Likewise, all finished products are thoroughly checked again before packing.

We store samples of each production in the laboratory. In this way we can trace every batch very precisely and check them again if necessary.

We use the same procedure for packaging as well as all toys and promotional items.


The DLG TestService GmbH (German Agricultural Society) is one of the leading institutes in the quality assurance and promotion of food as well as the labeling and quality assurance of raw materials, products and processes along the entire value chain and related product areas. The DLG TestService is accredited by the German Accreditation Service (DAkkS). Thus, DLG standards and test procedures correspond to international norms. In doing so, they set standards for quality in the pet care segment. The methods and test profiles in the field of pet care are practice-based and are based on current scientific knowledge and the most modern test methods.

For the DLG certificate, the entire production process is assessed and analytical controls of the end product including contaminants are carried out. The DLG product certificate "VERY GOOD" thus guarantees the controlled production as well as the analytically perfect quality of the end product and the high sensory acceptance.

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myclimate is a non-profit foundation for effective climate protection and voluntary CO₂ compensation measures. Projects around the world are driving measurable climate protection and sustainable development. Emissions are reduced by replacing fossil energy sources with renewable energies, implementing local reforestation measures with small farmers and implementing energy-efficient technologies.

For us, myclimate calculates the product carbon footprints from the raw goods to the bowl. An exact location calculation is also part of their job. They also “monitor” our forest conservation project as an external body. Through their review and support, we can ensure that our products and projects are as climate-friendly as possible.

 More information at:


We are certified according to EMAS. EMAS is the European system for environmental management and advises in the areas of the food and feed industry as well as agriculture and bioenergy with a special focus on the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

More information at:

By working on various committees, we also stay up to date and exchange ideas with experts. Here is a list of the committees:

FEdiaf: A trade organization for the European pet food industry.

More information at:

IVH: The association has the task of protecting and promoting the common interests of the pet supplies industry in the economic field and of advising and supporting the member companies in all technical questions. The IVH is responsible for:

Promotion of pet husbandry, participation in the design of suitable legal and socio-political framework conditions. Information and advice to members on industry-relevant issues.

More information at:

Bal Pro: Is an association for alternative protein sources.

The complexity of food production is high and therefore difficult for consumers to understand. With the help of experts, Bald Pro creates a platform that provides transparent and comprehensible information. On the basis of this, an objective examination of alternative protein sources can take place.

You can find more information about their work and what they do here:

Alliance for Climate and Development promotes the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, the global sustainability agenda. The alliance relies on the potential of voluntary engagement and the leverage effect of CO2 compensation projects in developing and emerging countries.

More information at:

We want to be transparent for you. That means we are open in the declaration and also in the communication. For this reason, you will find specific information from us, for example about our manufacturing process, our climate commitment or the team behind Green Petfood.

We keep you up-to-date through our newsletter, our website and our social media channels. We engage in daily dialogue with you via social media and are available to provide advice and assistance.

In addition, we always bring our community on board with product development: Our harshest critics are your dogs and cats. That is why we take your feedback very seriously and continuously develop our range for you.


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