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Grain-free cat food - mandatory or free?
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Grain-free cat food - mandatory or free?

Grain-free cat food is not a fad and also not an etepete trend. Unlike dogs, our house tigers are typical carnivores and can do little with grain in the bowl, neither in terms of taste nor in terms of nutritional physiology. Cats naturally meet their high protein requirements almost exclusively with animal protein. With FairCat we meet the high demands of our velvet paws.

Unlike dogs, which as omnivores can digest almost anything, cats are carnivores by nature: Despite domestication and the partial adjustment of the gastrointestinal tract, cereals are not on their natural diet and are usually poorly utilized. The cat's small intestine is very well adapted to the digestion of fats and proteins, but much less to the breakdown of cereal starch. Today's domestic cat likes to hunt just as much as its predecessor, the wild cat, small mammals and birds or reptiles.

Meat is also the main supplier of the essential amino acid taurine for cats. Their deficiency can lead to serious illnesses, such as heart disease, irreversible retinal changes, infertility, malformations of the fetus, hearing loss or a deregulation of the immune system. In short: If you want to feed your cat appropriately, animal protein should always remain the main course. Vegetable components may of course be the garnish. With FairCat we offer your kitten grain-free cat food that leaves nothing to be desired.


Too large a proportion of plant-based ingredients in cat food ensures a more alkaline - i.e. too basic - urine pH value, which in turn can promote the formation of urine crystals and urinary stones. We avoid the problem with our Green Petfood cat food based on sophisticated recipes: Certain ingredients containing vitamin C such as parsley or aronia - such as in the FairCat Safe dry food variety - as well as minerals slightly acidify and minimize the urine of the cat this way the risk of urinary stones.

We also use extrusion as a pre-digestion of the plant components. The short heating splits the starch and makes it easy to digest, but important nutrients are retained. So our cat food is not only gluten or grain free, but also particularly digestible. And on top of it all: In the bags with wet food and the bags with dry food, only chicken from species-appropriate husbandry from southern German farmers is paired with salmon from sustainable fish farming or insects as an innovative source of protein.

Even if the question of what makes cat food grain-free sounds very simple, there are always doubts about certain ingredients. Cereals include wheat, barley, millet, rye, oats, spelled or corn. Rice is also a grain, but is easily digestible and naturally gluten-free. Grain-free cat food therefore comes from grain types without carbohydrates.

Instead, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, legumes such as peas or the so-called pseudo-cereals such as amaranth, quinoa or buckwheat are used as suppliers of carbohydrates and fiber. The grain-free dry food variety FairCat Vital offers an optimally composed recipe that supplies your velvet paw with all the nutrients. In addition to the main ingredient, chicken from a more appropriate keeping, we serve your cat as the icing on the cake with a healthy potpourri of potatoes, peas and lentils, garnished with valuable antioxidants, prebiotic inulin and important taurine.

Composing GreenStarterKit

If our house tigers had a choice, they would usually choose a wet food without grain. Moist food is more aromatic, more intense in taste and its consistency is reminiscent of a freshly caught mouse. The predicate "without cereals" also promises meaty delicacies. Although grain-free cat food does not automatically mean a higher proportion of meat, this is certainly the case with our sachets.

All FairCat wet foods from Green Petfood are grain-free and delight the velvet paws with 70% meat, such as with FairCat Happy or with a meat-fish mixture as with FairCat Beauty. The goodie is still on top and makes especially environmentally conscious can openers happy: Our chicken meat and fat comes from more appropriate farming by southern German farmers, the salmon grow up in an ecological aquaculture. In this way you support sustainable agriculture and animal-friendly breeding by opening each feed pack.

You may be wondering whether you should now put wet or dry food in the bowl of your velvet paw? And can't you just mix the two? We have the answer for you: A cat can be fed with both pure wet food and pure dry food, as long as it is a high quality and complete complete food. Many cat owners choose a combination of wet and dry food to combine the advantages of both feeding methods.

When it comes to wet feed, the name says it all: it usually contains around 80% moisture. This way even lazy cats drink enough liquid. When it comes to nutrients, high-quality dry feed is in no way inferior: here too, all essential nutrients that your cuddly tiger needs are contained. In addition, the crispy croquettes help with daily dental care and can remain in the bowl throughout the day without spoiling.

Every cat is unique - and has individual requirements for its food. That is why there are different ways to mix wet and dry feed. It is important here: when mixing wet and dry feed, you should stay with the same manufacturer. So you can be sure that the products are optimally coordinated and thus contribute to the well-being and health of your cat.

To meet the daily energy requirements of your kitty with an average weight of 4 kg, you can use our rough rule of thumb: 40 g FairCat Safe or FairCat Vital plus 1 pouch of your choice from the FairCat wet food program. No matter which feeding method you choose - always keep an eye on the total energy content of your cat. This way you can avoid being overweight and contribute significantly to the health of your velvet paw.

Methode 1:

You can offer your cat wet food in the morning and spread the appropriate amount of dry food throughout the day. In the bowl this stays tasty longer - even if the can opener is not at home. Your kitty can split her ration herself. In the case of particularly greedy velvet paws, who like to “inhale” their food, you can divide the portions of dry food between lunch and dinner.

Methode 2:

Look into the bowl once, lick it on and turn around spicy. Picky cats are particularly difficult to inspire with dry food. However, many cat owners do not want to do without the positive dental care effects of dry food. In this case, you can simply mix the wet food with the dry food. Make sure to remove the food that has not been eaten afterwards and to clean the bowl thoroughly.


The association "grain-free and meat-heavy" is quite common among cat owners, but is often unjustified. There are numerous brands on the market - cereal-free dry food for cats is a common example - instead of lots of meat, fish and other high-quality ingredients, they contain cheap fillers. At Green Petfood we have made it our green goal to only use premium ingredients, mostly regional products and meat from responsible sources. Our dry food FairCat Safe scores not only with animal welfare chicken and easily digestible rice, but also with the sustainable and innovative protein source from insects.

If you still have doubts whether grain-free cat food is more of a must or a free option, you can get a full list of advantages here. If the napkin content is grain-free, the following factors speak for grain-free food in cats - with good food like that from Green Petfood:

High digestibility

Taurine intake through meat

Comes very close to the natural diet of cats

High in protein due to the usually higher meat content

Low in carbohydrates due to a few vegetable ingredients

Without cheap fillers

Little allergens

Can lower blood sugar

Can be preventive of urinary crystals

Gentle on the stomach

True to the motto 'Is the glass half full or half empty', in addition to the positive view of the grain-free bowl content, we can also risk a rather negative view of cereals in cat food. The fact is: In addition to other protein sources, each type of grain can cause a variety of allergies or intolerances. If your animal has allergic reactions, switching to grain-free food is often the only way to get your cat free of symptoms. In addition to triggering food intolerance, a portion of grain in the feed can also cause metabolic diseases and bad teeth. The already mentioned urinary stones and urinary crystals are often the case with a lot of cereals in cat food.

Since cats do not need any grain in their diet throughout their lives, grain-free cat food is very suitable as a complete feed. However, in addition to the predicate 'grain-free', it is also important:

The quality of the raw materials

Coordinated ingredients including micronutrients: vitamins, minerals and trace elements

The best possible animal raw materials

No added sugar, attractants and colors

No genetic engineering

All types of wet and dry food at Green Petfood are declared as complete food and ensure a healthy and enjoyable meal plan for your cat!

In most phases of a cat's life, cat food without cereals is the more needs-based and more natural diet. If you fall back on high-quality, grain-free cat food, you also provide important nutrients that are digestible and adapted to the digestive system, promote the immune system and prevent diseases and allergies . With six types of wet food and two types of dry food, you will find a wide selection of high-quality food for your kitty at Green Petfood. In every situation - and for every taste!


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