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格林佩芙昆虫低敏犬粮InsectDog Sensitive Adult正面

• Thanks to its finely selected raw ingredients like rice and insects, as well as its gentle processing, our InsectDog Sensitive is perfect for sensitive dogs. The unique combi-nation of vital nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin C, inulin and yeast provide optimal support for skin, coat, intestinal flora and the immune system. InsectDog Sensitive is not only suitable for sensitive pooches, but also for all four-legged pioneers: insects are THE sustainable protein source of the future!

• complete diet for adult dogs

• With 100% insect protein as the only animal protein source

• Immune Plus

• Vitamin E, vitamin C,Inulin & Yeast

• Making the world more sustainable: Thanks to its vegetarian formula, our VeggieDog is more climate-friendly than products containing animal ingredients.

• Composition: rice 52. 8%; insects 15.0%; partially hydrolysed yeast; sunflower oil; beet fibre; potato protein;mineral substances; psyllium; ground chicory root (natural source of inulin).


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