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Frequently asked questions about our insect protein
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Frequently asked questions about our insect protein



As one of the first animal feed manufacturers, we have been using insect protein as an alternative protein supplier since 2016. In our InsectDog range, it helps many allergy dogs to finally come to rest after trying a lot. As a rarely used protein source, insects are not only super suitable for four-legged sensitive people, they also have an unbeatable ecological balance. Because their rearing is much more environmentally friendly than that of animals from conventional husbandry. For this reason you can also find them in our cat food variety FairCat Safe. Since insects raise quite a few questions as a fairly new energy source, we have summarized them for you in the following article. Here we go!


Why do you use insects?

We are always looking for alternative and, above all, sustainable sources of protein, because proteins will be in short supply in the future. Conventional meat also has many flaws: we are talking about sprayed soy as animal feed, mass livestock farming in a small space, or the nitrate pollution of the soil from meat production.

The use of insects in our dog food can make a major contribution to climate protection, since production is significantly more environmentally friendly in terms of land use, feed consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption. You can find numbers and data on insects as champigons of sustainability here.

Insects protect our environment, but are also good for the nutrition of our four-legged friends. Dog or cat food with insect protein is at least as good as food with conventional meat. They not only supply high-quality proteins, but also valuable fatty acids and minerals. As a rarely used protein supplier, it is ideal for sensitive people and allergy sufferers. Some people try kangaroo meat from Australia or horse meat from Mexico with their allergy sufferers. And then the circle closes: Why should we have meat transported over half the globe if insects can be obtained regionally?



We usually use mealworm larvae or black soldier fly larvae. We source our insect protein from small farms in Europe with which we work closely. This enables us to guarantee high quality in accordance with food standards and short transport routes and promote the development of an alternative to conventional meat in Europe that is also interesting for human nutrition.



The insects are raised in a complete cycle. For this, the insect larvae are fed with food that remains in the local food industry or is no longer used, for example sections of canned fruit, but is still hygienically perfect. This product, previously declared as "waste", is thus used and transformed into fertile soil. The animals reproduce through natural reproduction.

Thanks to the protected environment, the larvae are raised in the smallest, but comfortably, warm room without the use of medication or contact with pesticides - because they like it - and raised under strict hygienic conditions. They grow up within a few days and are processed shortly before pupation. With the help of cold water, they fall into hibernation (hibernation) and are thus anesthetized. Then they are killed in a quick process with heat or cold and processed in full. The animals don't have to suffer long. Moisture and oils are then removed from the insect mass, leaving high-quality insect protein flour in the end. The breeding ground in which the insect larvae were raised can be applied to the field again as a high-quality fertilizer. This procedure creates almost no production waste and all resources can be used optimally.


Different studies indicate that insects cannot feel pain. However, the farms are very careful with them. These include a warm climate similar to their usual habitat, high-quality, plant-based feed and quick processing into protein in a fraction of a second with prior stunning.


The question is relatively easy to answer, because the amount that we need for our feed is not so easy to catch with the net. The insects are bred specifically for our feed.


Dogs and cats need essential amino acids, which they do not produce on their own, but can only be obtained through food - and they can be found in insects, above all, in very good quality. The animal's digestive system doesn't care where the amino acids come from. The main thing is that they are available in sufficient quantities.

We hear this question frequently, especially in dogs. However, it has been scientifically proven that wolves or dogs have adapted well to humans and starchy food over the millennia. A diet with insects or even completely vegetarian is therefore not a problem at all, as long as all nutrients are covered. If you want to learn more about purely plant-based dog nutrition, you can read on here.



In a clinical study by the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, it was found that our InsectDog hypoallergenic can be a great solution for fur noses with intolerances. For this purpose, dogs suffering from atopic dermatitis as a result of a diagnosed feed allergy were given our InsectDog hypoallergenic in the bowl for 14 days. 80% of the dogs showed improvements in their skin lesions, over half of the four-legged friends finally said goodbye to itching and even 40% of the dogs showed improved coat quality after the two weeks. There were extra asterisks in terms of acceptance and tolerance. Final judgment of the LMU: "As a complete feed, [InsectDog Hypoallergen] is a possible alternative for many animals to conventional commercially available diet feed and hydrolyzed diets."




Have you never caught your four-legged friend chasing little flies, spiders or beetles? Because they seem to know what is good: insects are also a high-quality protein source in cat and dog nutrition. Insects not only supply high-quality proteins, but also valuable fatty acids and minerals. From an ecological point of view, there is a lot to be said for the use of insects in animal feed, because raising them uses little resources. Accordingly, we give responsible cat and dog owners the opportunity to protect our environment and feed their pets the best proteins.



We have been working on the recipes for a long time to bring the components that are important to us under one dog. We would like to offer you and your four-legged friends a complete feed that completely covers the nutritional needs of your favorite with high-quality ingredients, without being a luxury product for a few. And here we found the optimal mix! But there is a much simpler reason: our four-legged friends decided in a taste test for these exact compositions and enjoyed eating them.




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