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Vegetarian dog food - everything you need to know about it
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Vegetarian dog food - everything you need to know about it

Vegetarian Dog Food - Really Now? We say yes! We have summarized everything you need to know on the subject in the following article together with our nutrition experts.

Vegetarianism is the elimination of meat and fish, whereas the vegan diet means the complete elimination of animal products. These lifestyles are increasingly finding followers and seem to be more than a fashion trend, because vegetarian and vegan products are now spreading in many areas. Many of these people who have a vegetarian or vegan diet have a dog and this leads to a conflict of conscience. Because on the one hand they know that animal products are far from sustainable action and cause animal suffering, on the other hand they feed their four-legged friends with meat. Therefore, the feeding of dogs is always about the question of how much meat a dog needs and whether it is not entirely without.

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Scientific studies show that the dog can digest starchy, plant-based food. In contrast to wolves, dogs have a better supply of enzymes for the digestion of starchy meals. It is therefore possible to offer the dog vegetarian or even vegan food.

The assumption that the dog needs as much fresh meat as possible or dog food with a high meat content in order to be optimally cared for is not correct. Dogs need nutrients specially tailored to their needs, especially amino acids, but these do not have to come from meat.

From a nutritional perspective, it is entirely possible to give your dog a vegetarian diet. But there are also many ecological reasons for this. Did you know that producing 1 kg of beef, for example, uses 15,000 liters of water, but it only takes 130 liters of water to harvest 1 kg of potatoes? Switching to vegetarian dog nutrition therefore means making a contribution to climate protection.

Topics such as animal welfare, health, food shortages and environmental protection are repeatedly discussed, shaped and underpinned by scandals in the food industry in recent years. The keyword sustainability often comes up with meat consumption, because the mass production of animal food influences the world climate. The consumption of meat, milk and eggs is responsible for at least 51% of global human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.

The high CO2 pollution caused by factory farming is difficult to reconcile with climate protection and sustainable consumption. Conventional animal husbandry also has an impact on the area under cultivation, since the land use per protein unit is generally lower in plants than in farm animals.

Are you critical of the mass consumption of meat today? Then our dog food is just right for you and your fur nose. Are you part of the growing group of people who consciously take care of their diet and health and who may also eat vegetarian or vegan? Then our VeggieDog is THE alternative to conventional food for your four-legged friend.

In order to properly feed yourself or your dog vegetarian or even vegan, you should intensively deal with the food that we or the dog needs.

You can put together the food for the dog yourself, fresh and varied. However, this is expensive and it takes a lot of knowledge and time.

The most important thing is that the dog receives protein or its building blocks, the amino acids - and this does not have to come from meat. Meat is not necessary for dog nutrition It is crucial for dog feeding that all nutrients and above all essential amino acids are contained in the food. These are vital and cannot be made by the body itself.


Our vegetarian dry dog food offers as a complete feed a wholesome, balanced complete meal. Often vegetarian feed is only used as a food supplement. Our VeggieDog is an all-round, perfectly coordinated complete feed with no need to be added. Unfortunately, protein intolerance and allergies to meat have become widespread in dogs. Vegetable proteins offer a very good and healthy alternative for sensitive four-legged friends. Many dogs that are already vegetarian and vegan show that animals with a balanced, purely plant-based diet are healthy and alert. The general opinion that the dog, like the wolf, is a pure carnivore and that a vegetarian or vegan dog diet would not be healthy has been scientifically refuted. However, prejudice and misinformation persist. The main argument is still that meatless feeding is “not appropriate for the species” or “unnatural”. Although the dog originally comes from the wolf, it has changed significantly in the course of evolution and has adapted to people's lifestyles. Compared to the wolf, the dog has a better set of enzymes, which are necessary for the breakdown of starch. But how was it with the proteins?

Proteins are long chains of amino acids. During digestion, the proteins are broken down into individual amino acids. Only then will the dog use them to build muscle or other body tissues. What the dog absolutely needs from proteins are these small building blocks. Some of these amino acids are essential for the dog: it must be ingested through food, since it cannot produce them in the body itself. It doesn't matter whether the individual amino acids come from animal or vegetable protein. It is important that the needs of the individual amino acids are covered. A skilful combination of different plant proteins may even better meet his essential amino acid requirements than meat. Accordingly, it is no problem at all to feed your dog vegetarian.

All other vitamins and minerals that the dog needs daily through its food are in our vegetarian dog food VeggieDog. The use of purely vegetable ingredients makes both the smell and the consistency of the food very pleasant.

Our nutritionists have developed the high-quality and balanced recipe of our vegetarian dog food as a complete feed, which completely covers the nutritional needs of your fur nose.Therefore, it is not necessary for you to feed your dog something extra. VeggieDog is a balanced complete meal and contains only selected ingredients, such as potatoes, peas and red lentils. Your dog is supplied with all nutrients. Valuable fatty acids, biotin as well as zinc and copper ensure healthy skin and shiny fur.

Is vegetarian dry food suitable for every dog?

In principle, vegetarian dog food is well suited for all breeds. From a nutritional point of view, our VeggieDog is perfect as a complete feed for all adult dogs. However, you should make a restriction for both pregnant and lactating bitches, but also for puppies. A vegetarian diet is less suitable here and you should seek advice from experts before changing your feed. The latter also applies to animal diseases or other peculiarities such as allergies. But especially with regard to allergies, VeggieDog dog food can be a sensible alternative to conventional dog food, as more and more animals develop an allergy to meat or meat components. Avoiding grain also leads to a high tolerance for your dog. For example, VeggieDog Grainfree can also be a good option for the elimination process of potential allergens and allergy triggers, since it contains neither animal protein nor grain. An exclusion diet should always be accompanied by a veterinarian.


Studies have shown that vegetarian or vegan animal nutrition shows that a balanced, purely plant-based diet has many advantages for dogs. Before you switch to a vegetarian or vegan dog food, you should note the following:

The method that is most commonly used when it comes to converting feed is to gradually change feed. This mixes the new and the usual feed. Mix about ¼ new feed with ¾ old feed. At intervals of 1-2 days, the amount of the new feed is always increased by ¼ and at the same time the amount of the usual feed is reduced by ¼. In total, the feed changeover takes almost 5-7 days.

It is important that you do not feed your darling immediately the whole new food full of joy, because otherwise it could be that the dog e.g. Diarrhea or bloating. It is better to change slowly and step by step so that the change is particularly gentle on your fur nose.


Green Petfood - Sustainable and good for your dog

For us as a feed manufacturer, the wellbeing of pets is our top priority, closely followed by the idea of sustainability. We combine both and distance and deliberately differentiate ourselves from well-known feed manufacturers or conventional dog food.

Therefore there is NO meat in VeggieDog. All ingredients have a natural origin, do without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, contain no genetically modified ingredients, no sugar, are free of soy and milk and of course we do NOT carry out animal experiments.

"Conventional" feed often contains flavor enhancers, sugar and other inferior ingredients. In addition, some manufacturers still carry out cruel feed tests on experimental animals.

The argument that no additional animals have to die for animal feed because only slaughterhouse waste is used is simply not true. It is true that bones, cartilage and tendons are often used, but more and more feed manufacturers are hoping for more customers with products that contain pure muscle meat. The fact is: the feed industry is a billion dollar business and the meat industry benefits from it. This usually has nothing to do with sustainability and animal welfare.

Would you like to test whether your dog accepts Green Petfood dog food? Then simply order a small ration here at a special price and free shipping.


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