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Grain-free dog food
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Grain-free dog food: right for your dog?

Grain-free dog food is very important to many mistresses and masters. Not without a reason. Because although the dog is an omnivore, cereals should not predominate on a species-appropriate dog's diet. Numerous animal feeds even contain a fairly high proportion of different types of grain, such as barley or wheat. Is this healthy for our four-legged friends or is dog food without grain better? Here you can get important information about grain for dogs.

Dog food grain-free and with grain: what's the difference?

Dog food without grains makes up only a small part of the culinary dog scene. But there are also big differences within the cereal-containing dog meals. Most cheap dog foods contain a lot of wheat, rye, oats, barley and other cereals in addition to their meat content. They are found either as flour or flakes - these are easier to digest than whole grains. However, the grain flours usually consist of the inside of the grain, so the nutrient-rich hulls are missing. High-quality dog food with grain consists of crushed grain, which is briefly heated and placed under water vapor to unlock the starch. This process ensures that important nutrients are preserved and the grain is easy to digest. This includes, for example, our FarmDog Country. In addition to chickens from more appropriate husbandry and other nutritious ingredients, the easily digestible Green Petfood dry dog food also contains rice and whole grain corn. Both foods are - similar to quinoa, amaranth or buckwheat, which belong to pseudo-cereals - gluten-free. The delicious recipe is based on the strong country trio of chicken, rice and corn and is perfectly adapted to the needs of adult and older dogs.

If dog food is grain-free, grain types are dispensed with and alternative carbohydrate sources are used instead. This can be starchy vegetables and legumes or pseudo cereals. Grain-free dog food often includes:

For example:


2.Sweet potatoes




Similar to grain, these serve as important energy suppliers. Your dog needs them to play with you, to chase after his friends, or to do his job. In addition, they provide your dog with vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients, ideally already in puppy age.


Especially in the growth phase, healthy ingredients play a crucial role in a well-thought-out relationship. Our grain-free puppy food FarmDog Mini grainfree was specially developed for mini-dogs, but is also ideal for rearing all other breeds. A balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio, vitamin C and minerals in an easily absorbed form support strong bones and healthy joints. Valuable fatty acids from the algae promote brain development. In the grain-free Green Petfood recipe, we deliberately use chicken that grows up in more natural living conditions. This is how your dog actively contributes to animal protection!

Many dog owners choose grain-free dog food because they believe it is a more appropriate diet. Is that correct?

1.Dogs were domesticated by humans, which has also changed their food sources.

2.You can certainly utilize vegetable protein and digest starchy meals - both grain-free dry food and feed with cereals.

3.Scientific studies by Swedish researchers have shown that dogs have evolved over the millennia. This has given them the genetic predisposition to digest the starch contained in carbohydrates.

4.If you know your dog well, you surely know that he is an omnivore (omnivore) and prefers to eat bananas, strawberries and other fruits as well as carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables. Sometimes you even have to brake it, because otherwise it would like to eat everything that is on your plate. And that is definitely not healthy because some foods are harmful to dogs, such as grapes, tomatoes and chocolate. Cereals are of course not one of them.

5.He not only likes to eat plant-based foods, he can digest many of them well and they are healthy for him.

6.In addition, even the wolf doesn't just feed on meat. In order to survive in the wild, it must eat its entire prey. In its stomach and intestinal contents there are usually mainly plant components, so that the wolf indirectly also intakes plants with its food, including cereals.

So you see that you do not have to provide your four-legged friend with grain-free feed.


Grain-free dog food is often unconsciously associated with a high meat content and because of that with a species-appropriate diet. However, “grain-free” primarily means that there is no grain in the composition. Dry dog food without grain usually contains potatoes, peas or lentils. Our grain-free dry food for the active dog FarmDog Active grainfreehas even all three of the high-quality grain alternatives and convinces with chicken, which comes from 100% more appropriate husbandry. Together with red lentils, the animal protection chicken provides your four-legged friend with valuable proteins. The remaining components of our Green Petfood recipe provide vital substances such as vitamin E, vitamin C, inulin and yeast and optimally support the skin, fur, intestinal flora and immune system of your four-legged friend.

It does not always have to be conventional meat: recipes based on purely plant-based proteins or even insect protein represent a full-fledged and, above all, sustainable alternative. Our cereal and gluten-free VeggieDog and InsectDog varieties provide your four-legged friend with all the nutrients he needs for a squeaky fidelity Life needs.

Anyone who associates grain-free dog food with a lot of meat must absolutely know that a purely meat-containing diet is not recommended for the dog. On the one hand, this can lead to deficiency symptoms: plant-based ingredients provide vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are not found in meat. On the other hand, too much animal protein leads to over-protein in the long term - an over-supply of protein that can lead to gout, especially in older dogs. Dog food without grain is therefore at best a balanced mixture of ingredients so that your four-legged friend is optimally cared for. It is also crucial that you feed a quality feed. This has high-quality ingredients that ensure your dog's diet is appropriate to the species and nutrient-optimal.


From the preceding explanations, you can easily conclude that you generally do not harm your dog if you feed him with feed containing grain. However, it may become necessary to use grain-free dog food. This is the case if your dog has allergies or does not tolerate the food with cereals.

How do you recognize food intolerance in your dog? In most cases, the animals react with skin reactions such as itching or hair loss to allergenic ingredients. However, it can also be the case that their ears become inflamed, they develop diarrhea, or they drop very large amounts of feces. The latter is always a sign that the feed has low digestibility. In any case, it is advisable that you see a veterinarian of such symptoms and have them clarified whether they were actually triggered by the diet. The expert can also help determine the allergenic ingredients and give you tips for an alternative feeding. In this guide, you will find out exactly how to proceed if you suspect an intolerance.


With a feed allergy, the symptoms are triggered by a certain cereal protein. Incidentally, wheat allergies and intolerances are most common. For this reason, our recipes do not use wheat. Furthermore, celiac disease or other intolerance can occur in rare cases. This can cause permanent inflammation of the small intestine and, as a result, cause diarrhea and weight loss. Such intolerances rarely occur in dogs. Insect food from Green Petfood is an innovative and sustainable alternative for particularly nutritionally sensitive dogs. In addition to high-quality protein, insects also provide valuable fatty acids that support the skin and fur of your four-legged friend, and their breeding leaves only a small ecological footprint compared to conventional animal husbandry.


Our InsectDog Hypoallergen dry food offers the solution for adult four-legged friends who suffer from food intolerance. This TroFu variety is doubly digestible: thanks to the grain-free recipe and the healthy ingredient of the future: insect protein. With potatoes, peas and insects, the hypoallergenic dog food offers a balanced composition: beneficial for the dog and the environment.

The particularly stomach-friendly variant InsectDog Sensitive is the icing on the cake when it comes to digestibility: due to the selected raw materials such as rice and insects and their gentle processing, the innovative dog meal is perfect for sensitive four-legged friends.

Both types of dry food offer a unique combination of micronutrients - vitamins, minerals and amino acids - and optimally support your dog's skin, fur, intestinal flora and immune system.

In addition to cereals, other feed components can trigger allergic reactions. These include soy and animal proteins from beef, pork, poultry or fish. You can have such allergies or intolerances diagnosed via a diet or an allergy test at the veterinarian. Typically, hypoallergenic dog food solves the problem because it does not contain certain ingredients that are known to cause allergies or intolerance.


For all dogs that are allergic to animal protein, the vegetarian dry food from Green Petfood is ideal. The veggie variant consists of alternative, vegetable protein sources that ideally meet your dog's need for vital nutrients. The vegetarian recipes do without the addition of wheat and soy and all artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The risk that your dog will not tolerate this high-quality, grain-free dog food or be allergic to it is therefore very low. However, it cannot be generally excluded that an ingredient causes reactions in one or the other animal. In addition to the nutritional advantages, vegetarian dog food also has an important ecological factor: every veggie dog meal is completely free of animal suffering and therefore a good alternative for dog owners who are convinced that they live vegetarian or vegan.

The grain-free recipe from VeggieDog Grainfree optimally supplies your dog with all the important nutrients. Pure pea and potato protein provide your fur nose with valuable amino acids, delicious herbs and forest fruits complete the light veggie menu with vitamins and minerals.

The VeggieDog Origin variety contains rice and therefore cereals, but is gluten-free. The delicious protein of the red lens not only provides your four-legged friend with the important amino acids taurine and L-carnitine, but also an intense taste.

Whatever your reasons for choosing grain-free dog food, Green Petfood offers a wide selection of different healthy varieties:

1.responsible: dry food with meat from more appropriate husbandry, gluten or grain free

2.vegetable: vegetarian feed with and without cereals

3.innovative: gluten-free or grain-free insect food

Our dry food makes your dog happy without gluten or grain and provides him with everything he needs for a healthy life. And the holder with a clear conscience.


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