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 •  On your marks, get set, GO MEATFREE: VeggieDog Grainfree’s vegetarian, grainfree

recipe provides your adult canine with w. Peas and potato give your dog valuable ami-

no acids, while delicious herbs and fruits are the perfect finishing touch to our veggie

meal. Whether based on your ethical convictions or because your pooch suffers from an

animal protein intolerance: with VeggieDog Grainfree, your four-legged friend can help

make the world more sustainable every day!

•  With Pea & Potato

•  Herbs &fruits

•  Grain-free recipe

•  Protein/ fat content: 20/ 12

•  Making the world more sustainable: Thanks to its vegetarian formula, our VeggieDog is more climate-friendly than products containing animal ingredients.

•  Composition: dried potato 41.0 %; pea flour (natural source of amino acids) 14.0 %; potato protein; sunflower oil; partially hydrolysed yeast; minerals; beet fibre; apple fibre 3.0 %; hydrolysed vegetable protein; grounded chicory root (natural source of inulin); herbs, fruits 0.1 %; dried algae 0.05 %.


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