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Climate protection through CO2 compensation

You don't smell it, you don't see it - and yet this inconspicuous molecule is mentioned as the cause of many current climate catastrophes. We are talking about carbon dioxide, in short: CO2.

We also blow CO2 into the air with the production and sale of our animal feed. Of course that is not nice. On the other hand, it cannot be avoided. Nobody lives without CO2 emissions and almost everything in our everyday lives is part of it. Every trip to the bakery, electricity, meat production, transport routes. Even our beloved four-legged friends release a lot of CO2. Is that a reason to put your head in the sand right away? Of course not!

We think that climate protection concerns us all. Us as a brand, but also us as consumers. That is why we keep our CO2 emissions as low as possible. And because we are aware of our responsibility, 

We fully offset our remaining emissions.

We can all help ensure that bad consequences of climate change, such as floods and heat waves, do not increase.



The continuous optimization of production processes and sophisticated energy management take us one step further every day to climate-neutral production.



With our forest conservation project in the Ntakata Mountains in Tanzania, we compensate for the remaining unavoidable C02 emissions.



By using alternative protein sources and regional suppliers, we avoid a large part of CO2 when compiling our recipes.


How does CO2 compensation work?

We have the level of our climate-effective emissions calculated by the independent organization myclimate. Such calculations are based on statistically determined variables, for example on the fuels used, raw material cultivation and processing methods. These are multiplied by so-called emission factors and result in a CO2 equivalent for each of our products.

Our partner Carbon Tanzania determines how much CO2 a tree or piece of forest binds using photosynthesis. By working with the local people to ensure that the forest remains, we can neutralize our emissions and preserve important habitats for endangered species.

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CO 2

Above you can see the daily compensation performance of our own online shop for the current year. We completely compensate for all products that are shipped daily through our shop, from the raw material to the bowl, through our forest conservation project.

The products that we sell through specialist retailers, drugstores or in retail outlets are completely climate neutral.

In 2019, the total amount was over 4,200,000kg CO2

That is a considerable amount, but it also means that we make the world a little greener every day through compensation.


In the far west of the East African landlocked country, biologist Marc Baker and his non-profit organization Carbon Tanzania launched an initiative that not only improves the climate by preserving forests, flora and fauna, but also pursues a whole range of other positive goals that we consider worth protecting.

For example, the habitat for the largest wild chimpanzee population in East Africa and other partially endangered animal species such as forest elephants are protected, but the local population also benefits directly from the project. Around 17,000 people live in the Ntakata Mountains and can use CO2 compensation to develop their region independently, in harmony with nature.


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