Good for the climate

100% made in Germany

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All vitamins

An extra amount of vitamin C + E and L-carnitine support your tiger perfectly for the next adventure - regardless of whether you are a tree acrobat or shelf climber.


Appropriate housing conditions

Conventional meat doesn't get into our bags. We rely on protein from animals that have been raised in a more appropriate manner.


Complete feed

Our types of feed are all complete feed that cover the complete nutritional needs of your favorite.


Lean recipes

No frills: we only pack the ingredients your animal needs in our slim recipes.


Alternative sources of protein

Alternative protein sources such as peas, potatoes and insects improve your four-legged friend's ecological paw print!


Highest acceptance

We don't put anything in the bowl that doesn't have an exceptionally high level of acceptance. Sustainable four-legged friends guaranteed!


Cereals & gluten-free recipes

Particularly good for sensitive people: With us you will only find grain and gluten-free recipes.


Simple mixing concept

Our simple mixing concept combines the best of both worlds: dry food for healthy tooth abrasion, wet food for a balanced water level.


Anti hairball effect

Psyllium husks keep the intestinal mucous membranes fit and guarantee a smooth exit from annoying hairballs.


Skin & fur

Have you ever been blinded by your cat's fur? Our FairCat conjures up ultra-silky and shiny fur.


PH value

Before it pinches in the bladder: Methionine can lower your cat's urinary pH and thus prevent urinary and struvite stones.

FairCat Safe

FairCat Safe

with insect protein gluten-free recipe

ab ¥107/kg

FairCat Vital

FairCat Vital

With chicken from more species-appropriate husbandry

ab ¥107/kg


FairCat is all about fairness, luck and love! We only use Super Premium ingredients in our cat food. Our products are of course developed without animal testing and do not require the addition of genetically modified ingredients. We only use the best, preferably regional, ingredients, including chicken and salmon from a more appropriate husbandry and insects as a high-quality and sustainable source of protein. With FairCat you buy tested quality made in Germany.

Important criteria of Green Petfood cat food:

  • Positive climate balance through forest conservation in Tanzania
  • Only animal protein from animal welfare
  • Simple mixing concept of dry and wet feed
  • Without added wheat and soy
  • Without the addition of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
  • Without the addition of genetically modified ingredients
  • Without animal testing

Regional - 100% Made in Germany

Ohne Tierversuche

Keine künstlichen Zusatzstoffe

Innovative Rezepturen

Höchste Qualität

Höchste Qualität

Sylvie with Lys and Skína from Braunschweig

“I try to live more sustainably and decided three years ago to eat vegan. When I adopted my cats Lys and Skína it was clear that we would try everything to keep their footprint as small as possible and it was of course important to me to find a food that would cover all their needs for a healthy life. We feel really comfortable with GreenPetfood and it is just good to know that this brand honestly and sincerely always tries to find the best solutions, precisely because ultimately animal feed is always about which animals come in there. This covers all my criteria that were important to me - and then it looks great and the two love all varieties. Purrfect. "

Teresa with Anubis, Timi, Fynn and Abby from Lutherstadt Eisleben

"As the owner of 4 fur noses, it is important to me to always feed my cats a high quality. With FairCat Sensitive I have found food that not only consists of high-quality ingredients, but is also ideal for the sensitive digestion of two of my cats. We make sure to make our lives as sustainable as possible and we are happy that this does not have to stop with the feed. The concept of animal welfare in the feed fits perfectly with our everyday life. "

Eileen with Johnny, Phoebe and Lipton from Herten

“For two cats and one dog, it was important to me that the three received good, sustainable, environmentally friendly and partly vegan food, and that it was grain, sugar and animal-free. Sustainability should not stop at feeding the animals and we are therefore happy to have found Green Petfood. Johnny is very picky, but he is also a glutton and a quick eater. If I just tear open the bag of FairCat, he is very excited and can hardly wait. I am glad that his favorite FairCat Care variety is good for the bladder and kidneys and that he is optimally supplied with all the important vitamins and proteins. ”

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